Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cheap Network Printer (black & white laser)

When I started to develop 'doknir', I didn't have a printer. After spending some time searching Slovenian computer stores, I decided to buy B&W laser Samsung ML-1610 (price: 75 EUR). Since this is not network printer, I also bought broadband router with USB print server (Digitus DN 11004 for 35 EUR). So printer+server for less than 139.99 USD. Anyhow, here are instructions how to install both devices to 'doknir':

  • Connect printer to router!
  • Kanotix (Debian Sid) supports many Samsung printers, but ML-1610 is not among them. Fortunately, Samsung has just released new version of "Uniform Driver". Download is here:
    Unified Linux Driver (ver.2.00.90)
  • Unzip the dowloaded file!
  • Start Konsole, enter command 'sux' and move to the folder with unzipped driver.
  • Enter command 'cdroot/autorun' to start 'Add printer wizard'
  • Choose "Manual select":

  • As connection select 'lpd://'. LPD address consists of two arguments: an IP address and a queue name. In our case, IP is and queue name is lp0. So LPD address should be lpd:// Unfortunately this does not work in Samsung wizard, so add just without queue name. We will repair this later ...
  • Select driver "Samsung ML-1610 Series (SPL II)":

  • In printer options, we can change page size "US Letter" to "A4":
  • Now we can finish the wizard and test the printer. Because of wrong LPD address nothing will happen. To solve the problem, read this post ...


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