Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How to create "doknir.exe" with Delphi 2006 Trial?

Part of "doknir" virtual appliance is small win32 utility.
Here are instructions how to build it from source:

Part I:

  1. Register at Borland and download Delphi 2006 Trial.
  2. Start installation. You can select only "Borland Delphi for Microsoft Win32".
  3. After installation and before starting Delphi put activation file into your home folder.

Part II: Importing ActiveX component (this was easier with previous versions of Delphi)

  1. You need free "wodShellMenu" component from WeOnlyDo! Software
    Download it and install it!
  2. Start Delphi and in menu "File" select New->Package
  3. Start "Import Compoment" wizard (in menu "Component")
    - choose "Import Type Library"
    - select WeOnlyDo! Shell ContextMenu COM object (if there is no such line, click Add and find wodShellMenu.dll in your system folder
    - set "Palette Page" to ActiveX
    - choose "Add unit to Package.bdsproj" project
    - Finish!
  4. In "Structure" window click on "Classes" and:
    - rename TMenuItem to TwodMenuItem and TMenuItems to TwodMenuItems
    - compile; there will be an error - rename as above
  5. Save all (for example to "wod.bdsproj")
  6. Compile - this will generate wod.bpl file.
  7. Close all
  8. Package is ready - install it via "Install Packages" in menu "Component":
    - click "Add..." and select wod.bpl

Part III: Building "doknir.exe"

  1. Open project "doknir.dpr"
  2. Delphi will report: Cannot find resource file: \doknir.res. Recreated.
  3. Compile project!


Friday, May 26, 2006

Doknir Virtual Appliance

Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service Replacement
(view and print documents in VMware virtual appliance)

Download at:

(This is how I imagine virtualization ;)